The University of Georgia Griffin Campus has added another Double Dawg opportunity for students: a joint Bachelor of Arts (AB) and non-thesis Master of Arts (MA) program. The AB degree is the Franklin College of Arts & Science’s Interdisciplinary Studies (Griffin Campus) program that allows students to choose a concentration in either Psychology or Sociology, and the MA is the School of Social Work’s program in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (NML).  This Double Dawg program will allow students enrolled in the Griffin Campus’ AB in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program to accelerate their progress toward a master’s degree by taking graduate-level coursework as part of their undergraduate studies.

The IDS/NML Double Dawg is ideal for students seeking careers in nonprofit management or those wanting to create a non-profit organization. The coursework is designed to train highly motivated students in the skills, knowledge, and values needed for successful careers in nonprofit management, administration, and leadership. A strong emphasis is placed on helping students acquire and use the skills and techniques needed for understanding human behavior, for conducting sound research, and for leading nonprofit organizations that serve diverse communities.

“Essentially, students are earning two degrees in a compressed time frame,” noted Melissa Gordon, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs for UGA Griffin. “When students would usually spend two years at UGA Griffin to get their bachelor’s degree and another two years to get their master’s degree, with the Double Dawg program, they can earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just three years, thereby saving themselves both time and money.“

The idea for this Double Dawg came from a conversation with a prospective student who was looking into the IDS – Sociology Concentration. His ultimate career goal is to start his own non-profit; however, relocating from the Griffin area is not an option. The student needs a program that will allow him to stay close to home, but still be able to follow his dreams. Gordon, along with Faye Chatman, Program Director for UGA’s Franklin College of Arts & Sciences, put their heads together and began working on a way to make that happen in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Mallon, Director of the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations and the MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program.

Chatman pointed out that the addition of this Double Dawg program is a great asset for not only UGA Griffin, but also the community.

We are excited to have this program added to the UGA Griffin Campus. It’s a win not just for UGA, but also the community. It affords more opportunities for area citizens because it means they can stay close to home and still have the chance to earn two UGA degrees in record time. It also opens up more options for IDS students interested in working with nonprofits

Faye Chatman

The IDS/NML Double Dawg was approved this summer and is now available for students to enroll in. Students who wish to pursue this Double Dawg must first be admitted to UGA Griffin’s IDS program.  Admission to the IDS program requires completion of at least 60 transferable semester hours with a transfer GPA of at least 2.80 and courses specific to the IDS program of study. Once admitted to the IDS program, students interested in the MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership must apply for admission to the graduate program. Among the requirements for admission to the NML program are a 3.2 overall undergraduate GPA and an ACT or SAT score placing the student at or above the 70th percentile.

UGA Griffin also offers another Double Dawg, a joint Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a major in Environmental Resource Science and a Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management.

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