Security & Safety

In Case of an Emergency

In the case of an emergency, please call 911 first!

The UGA Griffin Campus has 24/7 campus security officers on campus that are here for you. You can reach them at any time by calling 770-412-3008.

Cameron Harding

Cameron Harding

Senior Security Officer

Facilities Management – Griffin

Our Senior Security Officer is Cameron Harding. His office is located in the Support Services Building in room 102 but he can also be found patrolling campus in his golf cart or stationed at the SLC front desk. You can call campus security for many reasons including:

  • Suspicious Person
  • Locked/Unlocked Doors
  • Opening of Gates
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Escort to Vehicles

UGA Alert

UGA Alert Logo

UGA Alert is the Emergency Notification System for UGA. The UGA Griffin Campus participates in this service and we encourage all Faculty, Staff, and Students to sign up for emergency alerts. You can do so by going to the UGA Alert website and signing in with your UGA MyID. You can also choose to only receive notifications from the Griffin Campus.

AED (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) & Naloxone Locations

Below are the AED and Naloxone locations on campus. If you need to use one of these, please contact campus security. Campus Security also keeps a mobile AED that is charged in the SLC.

Bledsoe FarmInside Farm BuildingYesYes
Cowart2nd Floor Near Room 207YesYes
Dempsey FarmEnvirotron BuildingYesYes
Flynt Building2nd Floor East HallwayYesYes
FoodPICHallway Near Room 100YesYes
Melton BuildingHallway Near Room 174YesYes
Mule Barn CafeBehind The CounterYes
Redding Building1st Floor Glass StairwellYesYes
SLC1st Floor Foyer West WallYesYes
SLC2nd Floor KitchenYes
Stuckey Building1st Floor Auditorium FoyerYesYes
Stuckey Building1st Floor Fitness CenterYesYes
Turfgrass Research and Education Center2nd Floor Hallways by RestroomsYesYes
Research and Education GardenBuilding LobbyYes

Inclement Weather Policy and Closing Procedures

By policy, the university makes one of three announcements: UGA Griffin is open and operating on a regular schedule; UGA Griffin is closed; or UGA Griffin will delay opening until a specific time.

An all-campus e-mail such as the one you are reading is the primary means to distribute such announcements. The announcement also is posted to the UGA home page (, the UGA Griffin web page (, and UGA Griffin Facebook page (

Up-to-date information is provided to Griffin local radio stations as follows: • on the AM dial: 1320 and 1450 • on the FM dial: 88.9 and 92.5.

Atlanta TV and radio stations that have requested to receive UGA weather announcements also are notified but should not be considered a primary source for closing announcements.

If inclement winter weather develops overnight, every attempt is made to post announcements and notify media by 6:30 a.m., but if the inclement weather develops after 6:30 a.m. on a school/workday, the same notification procedures are used.

When weather conditions are such that closings occur two or more days in succession, the procedure is followed each day, with an announcement being made each morning by 6:30. An evening announcement usually will not be made for the next day except in the most extreme weather circumstances.

On days when the university generally is scheduled to be closed — such as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays — the university does not usually make blanket closing announcements. Instead, departments and units that have normal operations on weekends and holidays, or units planning to host or present special programs on those days, should make their own prior arrangements with employees and participants, such as a website or e-mail, notifying them how to proceed in case of inclement weather.

When the University of Georgia Griffin campus is officially closed, it is closed for everyone: faculty, staff, and students. Departments will designate, in advance, those employees expected to report to work during a weather emergency.