Pictured at the Chamber Annual Dinner are members of the UGA Griffin Campus team (l-r) Lee Taylor, Ashley Biles, Ryan Hodgson, Thresa Parker, Dr. Lew Hunnicutt, Beth Horne, Melissa Gordon, Be-Atrice Cunningham, Chrystal McDowell, Kathleen Freeman, Dr. Kirk Kealey and Dr. Francisco Diez-Gonzalez.

The University of Georgia Griffin Campus was named the Good Corporate Citizen of the Year at the 105th Annual Dinner of the Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce held on January 25, 2018. The award, sponsored by BB&T, recognizes an organization that has made a commitment to improving the quality of life for all in Griffin-Spalding County. Cindi Shaddix, of BB&T, presented the award and praised the local university for its support of the community over the years.

“This organization has supported the Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce and the Griffin Spalding County United Way for many years. They are consistently recognized by United Way as a Pacesetter organization for their significant economic contribution to our community. As we all know, money raised in our country by United Way is reinvested in our county which provide services to our citizens of greatest need,” said Shaddix.

She also noted employees of UGA Griffin can always be counted on to serve in volunteer positions on various community boards and organizations within our community.

Much applause was given as UGA Griffin Assistant Provost and Campus Director Lew Hunnicutt came forward to accept the award. While thrilled to accept, Hunnicut stated he found himself momentarily at a loss for words.

“It was an extremely proud moment when it was announced that our campus was being honored as Corporate Citizen of the Year for 2017 by the Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce,” said Hunnicutt. “Among other things, the surprise did something that is very hard to do; it left me speechless! I am very proud to represent the University of Georgia in Griffin and am doubly proud of the entire Griffin Campus Team as this award would not have happened without them.”

Hunnicutt noted this is only the beginning of what the community will see from the university.

“The University of Georgia Griffin Campus remains a proud member of the Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce and we are deeply appreciative of this honor. To all of Griffin and Spalding County I would say two words about our presence here…expect more!”

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