Academic Honesty

The University of Georgia seeks to promote and ensure academic honesty and personal integrity among students and other members of the university community.

Every student must agree to abide by UGA’s academic honesty policy and procedures known as A Culture of Honesty, when applying for admission to the University of Georgia. A Culture of Honesty and the University of Georgia Student Honor Code work together to define a climate of academic honesty and integrity at the university.

All members of the university community have a responsibility to uphold and maintain an honest academic environment and to report when dishonesty occurs. Where suspected violations of the academic honesty policy occur, appropriate procedures are designed to protect the integrity of the academic process while ensuring due process. The university’s academic honesty system is an academic process founded on educational opportunities.

The Office of the Vice President for Instruction is responsible for the university’s academic honesty policy and procedures and supporting the University of Georgia Student Academic Honesty Council to ensure that information related to the academic honesty policy is available to all members of the university community. Learn more about the policies and procedures at the links below.